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Thai Massage & Principles of Osteo Thai 50 hr Immersion w/ Juan Carlos Russo

January 20-23 & 27-30

Thai Yoga Massage is a transformative experience. A deep revolution on the way we move, interact and communicate, and especially how we share touch as a form of healing.  

This ancient art of healing teaches us how to give from the heart with love & compassion while cultivating the qualities of a mindful touch that creates a magical and powerful connection with ourselves and others.


  • 50H Thai Yoga Massage Origins, principles, techniques, sequencing

  • Anatomy & physiology of touch

  • Techniques & meditations for grounding yourself to prepare for touch

  • Therapeutic approach for neck & shoulder pain, headaches & lower back pain

  • Touch as a sensory way of perceiving information

  • The  importance of pressure

  • Conscious perception of tensions, density and vitality of tissues in the body

  • How to move on the floor, including using hands, feet, knees and elbows

  • Transitions, and using your body weight

  • Study of the sen energy lines 

  • Full Thai Massage sequence

Module 1 :

January 20-23

Module 2:

January 27-30

And so much more...

Questions? Contact Juan Carlos:

About Juan Carlos

January 27-30

An international practitioner and teacher with more than 10 years of experience as a bodywork therapist including the techniques of Master Reiki, Ayurvedic massage, Thai Yoga massage, and OsteoThai treatments. Juan Carlos has been assisting and co-teaching with Krisnatakis and David Lutt since 2014 in Chiang Mai, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, France and Portugal. He has completed the Master's program in OsteoThai Massage including detailed courses in lower back, main joints, spine, heart & neck, breathing process, internal organs, and the advanced course for shock and trauma called transformation through touch, from the Lulyani School of Thai Massage and OsteoThai with David Lutt and Joerg Schuerpf. Juan Carlos specializes in treating injuries, shock & trauma and internal organs. He works intuitively, reading the energy of the physical and energetic bodies and enters into a shamanic trance-like state during his treatments.

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